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How To Meaning unremarkable: 7 Strategies That Work

Unremarkable is a medical term used to mean: infection. normal. dysphonia. diaphragm. 6 of 100. Term. PCP refers to the. primary care provider. ... infection. morbidity. 8 of 100. Term. which of the following is the correct definition for the term chronic. it has been going on for a while now. myocardial infarction. something a patient feels ...FDG uptake can mean cancer in some cases. The usefulness of FDG uptake on PET scans comes in when we want to detect disease, especially cancer. Cancerous tissues on PET scan will often have more uptake then the background tissue. This means that a liver tumor will have more FDG uptake then the normal liver. This will create a bright spot in the ...Electric heating systems are an important climate change solution, but can strain the grid. Why did the Texas electric grid crash from a winter storm that would have been unremarka...REMARKABLE meaning: 1. unusual or special and therefore surprising and worth mentioning: 2. unusual or special and…. Learn more. unremarkable adj. (ordinary, not special) ordinario, irrilevante agg. mediocre agg. anonimo agg. I usually like this actor, but his performance in this film is unremarkable. Had complete cardiac check up. my microalbumin is 33.8 mg/l. what does this mean? thank you. what does it means if my cardiac size cannot evaluated (ap view)?: Chest xray: There are certain technical factors associated with a PA v.Filipino Translation. unremarkable. More Filipino words for unremarkable. hindi maiibang-ayos adjective. unremarkable, inconvertible. Find more words!unremarkable adj. (ordinary, not special) común y corriente loc adj. sin nada especial loc adj. ordinario/a adj. (MX, coloquial) equis adj.OTHERWISE UNREMARKABLE definition | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examplesWhat is the meaning of unremarkable? Definition of unremarkable : unworthy or unlikely to be noticed : not remarkable : common, ordinary The village itself is unremarkable; its one great attribute being the nearby network of extensive caverns.—. Mark Blacksell : not worthy of special attention or notice.Unremarkable is a medical term used to mean: normal. PCP refers to the. primary care provider. what is the correct definition for the abbreviation RR? respiratory rate. which of the following is the correct definition for the term chronic. it has been going on for a while now.We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.Key Takeaways. Nondescript and unremarkable are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings. Nondescript implies a lack of distinctive features, while unremarkable suggests a lack of noteworthy qualities. Using these words accurately is important for effective communication. unremarkable meaning, definition, what is unremarkable: not very unusual or interesting: Learn more. ... • It was an unremarkable street: two rows of small houses, ... Unremarkable in medical terms means normal. An unremarkable abdominal ultrasound is a normal finding. Good news! This answer is:Download scientific diagram | Unremarkable colonic mucosa seen during colonic endoscopy . A and B: Two random photos of grossly lesion-free colonic mucosa. from publication: Metastatic breast ...Unremarkable - Meaning in Hindi. Unremarkable definition, pronuniation, antonyms, synonyms and example sentences in Hindi. translation in hindi for Unremarkable with similar and opposite words. Unremarkable ka hindi mein matalab, arth aur prayog. Tags for the word Unremarkable:fairly unremarkable. fairly substantial. fairly tame. fairly typical. fairly unremarkable. fairly weak. fairly-traded. fairness. All ENGLISH words that begin with 'F'.A radiologist will examine a mammogram to look at the difference in position, volume and form of the breasts. In most cases, the breasts are generally symmetric in their density and architecture, but sometimes a report may reveal asymmetric density, which is common and usually noncancerous. However, a radiologist may decide to do further ...UNREMARKABLY meaning: 1. in a way that is ordinary and not interesting: 2. in a way that is ordinary and not…. Learn more.Unremarkable meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Unremarkable in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages by ShabdKhoj. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Unremarkable in Hindi? Unremarkable ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Unremarkable का हिंदी में मतलब ).This means that the scan did not show anything unusual or worrying. It’s good news. “Normal” means that the result is exactly what the radiologist would expect to see in a healthy person. “Unremarkable” can mean that there are some unusual features, but that they are not a source of concern. For example, the scan might show signs of ...Success definition: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals.. See examples of SUCCESS used in a sentence.This usually means that the radiologist looked but did not find any problems to tell your doctor. Some radiologists will report things in paragraph form, while others use a reporting style where each organ or region of the body is listed with the findings. ... Pancreas: The head and body of the pancreas appear unremarkable. Liver: The liver ...(1) She seems determined to make the even the most unremarkable foods sound gloriously decadent and sensuous. (2) The street is ordinary and the block of flats that the camera chooses to linger over is plain and unremarkable. (3) The rest of my evening was fairly unremarkable, save for two other interesting events. (4) His antenatal history had been unremarkable, with normal antenatal scans.a placid everyday scene ; it was a routine day ; there's nothing quite like a real...train conductor to add color to a quotidian commute"- Anita DiamantThe meaning of unremarkable. Definition of unremarkable. Best online English dictionaries for children, with kid-friendly definitions, integrated thesaurus for kids, images, and animations. Spanish and Chinese language support available ... unremarkable part of speech: adjective: definition: combined form of remarkable.Unremarkable is a medical phrase that refers to anything that is usual. For example, a normal spine reveals minor age-related changes such as disk shrinkage but nothing major. Within normal limits is a synonym for the phrase “within normal boundaries.” When referring to an unremarkable CT scan, the phrase “unremarkable” refers to the ...The term unremarkable aorta on an MRI reading would mean there is nothing to be concerned about with the aorta, there is nothing out of the ordinary. What does silhouette mean? A silhouette is a ...(1) She seems determined to make the even the most unremarkable foods sound gloriously decadent and sensuous. (2) The street is ordinary and the block of flats that the camera chooses to linger over is plain and unremarkable. (3) The rest of my evening was fairly unremarkable, save for two other interesting events. (4) His antenatal history had …The term “unremarkable” is often used by physicians, lab technicians or radiologists to suggest that the results of a test or scan does not differ from what …Conus medullaris is unremarkable means that upon examination, there are no abnormalities or anomalies detected in the conus medullaris, which is the tapered end of the spinal cord. This finding ...Definition of unremarkable in English to Chinese language dictionary. Chinese is a language spoken by about 1.4 billion people, primarily in China and Taiwan.What is the meaning of wbc morphology is unremarkable? Unremarkable in medical terms means normal. If WBC morphology was unremarkable, that means the shape of the white blood cells was normal.What does the word unremarkable mean? The word unremarkable, pronounced "ˌʌnrɪˈmɑːkəb ə l" means unworthy, unlikely to be noticed, or free of abnormality, according to Merriam-Webster Unabridged English Dictionary, Dictionary, and other dictionary editors.This word is an adjective, which means that it can be used to describe people, places, and things.Definition of unremarkable adjective in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.Unremarkable: Just what you think it means. Boring! Normal. Negative: Usually referring to a medical test. What does Cannot exclude mean? "Cannot exclude" is a catchphrase in radiology reports. It sneaks into the impression of the report after the radiologist gives a diagnosis that is most likely. What does nothing acute mean in medical terms?Unremarkable definition: not worthy of note or attention. See examples of UNREMARKABLE used in a sentence.What does "unremarkable" mean in an echocardiogram? Normal: Basically, this means that the finding is within the realm of expected or normal. Likely normal: Often times unremarkable means likely normal or if no important medical consequences in medical jargon.Unremarkable Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Unremarkable in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Unremarkable in Urdu is نا قابلِ ذکر, and in roman we write it Na Qabil E Zikar.Meaning of unremarkable. What does unremarkable mean? Information and translations of unremarkable in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Mar 10, 2016 · Hedgeless, be consistent and say &quoThe cerebellum, which means "little brain" in adjective. /ˌʌnrɪˈmɑrkəbl/ ordinary; not special or remarkable in any way an unremarkable life. Want to learn more? Find out which words work together and produce more natural … The end of 3G is here and AT&T along with Neck x-rays: on x-rays - bone shows up as a light area and soft tissue - fat and muscles show up as the dark areas. Swelling can sometimes show up as a lighter "dark area" What your result means is the tissue around the vertebral column is normal in appearance - nothing to worry about.It usually means its normal. It also means the organ, in this case the bladder, is unremarkable as visualized on the specific modality under question. It also means the interpreting radiologist didn't see anything abnormal for him or her to comment on. Its usually a good thing. Unremarkable Normal: Unremarkable is a medical term describing normal. Having a product thats wow-ing is one thing, but to me t...

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Find 37 different ways to say UNREMARKABLE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at


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The expression "grossly unremarkable" means that everything appears in order, and there is noth...


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unremarkable adjective. found in the ordinary course of events. Synonyms. everyday, mundane, qu...


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Common and Unremarkable Similar meaning words. mutual synonyms sentence examples. Common . Common adjective - Being ...

Want to understand the The common incomplete mesentery is defined as an intestinal malrotation occurring very rarely in adults, this intestinal anomaly can lead to?
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